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One Two Three

2024-06-25 19:00:00
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One Two Three

2024-07-03 19:00:00
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2024-07-04 19:00:00
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2024-07-05 19:00:00
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An Act of God

2024-07-13 19:00:00
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Performances in Átrium with English surtitles

Átrium offers a special service for our international audience and visitors to Budapest from all over the world: Several times a month, we will present selected performances with surtitles in English. You can find the dates here and in our monthly programme; the performances with surtitles will be specifically marked.

Our box office staff will be happy to tell you from which seats you will have a good sight-line to the surtitles. For the best view of both stage and surtitles, we recommend seats in the stalls from row 7.

• MEFISTO (Mefisztó)

a contemporary vaudeville by András URBÁN, Róbert ALFÖLDI, Petra HARTAI, Júlia HUZELLA / Tímea FÜLÖP, Andrea VEREBES, Bori PÉTERFY, Ildikó TORNYI, based on the novel by Klaus MANN, adapted by Csaba MIKÓ and Zsófia KUKK
starring Róbert ALFÖLDI, Petra HARTAI, Júlia HUZELLA, Emese NAGYABONYI, Bori PÉTERFY, Ildikó TORNYI
translated by Klaudia KOTTÁN
directed by András URBÁN

“You go off on the system and the power in your interviews. But your plays represent the same world, they are part of the same world, the one you would like to get rid of so bad. Your art paved the way for politics. Your meaningless, boot licking art, that didn’t want to, didn’t dare to talk about something, anything. Just atmospheres nuances, and silly overthought professionalism. The strongest criticism was a sweet little allusion, that you winked at your audience with. And everyone was content that they did something. How could the world change, if your theatres don’t change? If you don’t dare to make culture new and free, and you keep on chilling in the lukewarmth of servant’s art. But who wants change here? It’s enough if our position stay’s comfortable and no one forces us to think of the problems.
There are no problems. Everything is all right, baby!
But where am I in all this? Same place. It hurts me as well when the tables turn.
I sold my soul, I’m dirty, I’m a soulless opportunist. An artist. Pure as snow. Don’t hurt me.”

The original novel, a thinly disguised portrait of German actor Gustaf Gründgens, adapts the Mephistopheles/Dr Faustus theme by having the main character, Hendrik Höfgen, abandon his conscience and continue to act and ingratiate himself with the Nazi Party to keep and improve his job and social position. 
Not suitable for children under 18.

• ONE TWO THREE (Egy, kettő, három)

a transform comedy in real-time by Ferenc MOLNÁR
translated by Sidney HOWARD
starring Róbert ALFÖLDI, Dávid SZATORY, Laura LÉNÁRDT, György LUGOSI, Nóra PARTI, Tibor MERTZ, Csaba DEBRECZENY, Máté KOVÁCS, Tamás IVANICS, Péter JANICSEK, Barnabás DÉKÁNY, Zsombor BARNA / Attila NYULASSY, Vanda KATONA / Viktória SIPOS, Csilla HAJDÚ, Emmi HORVÁTH
directed by István ZNAMENÁK

The minutes in Molnar's manic world start ticking down for powerful bank president Norrison, when the young heiress under his care announces her secret marriage to a communist taxi driver. Norrison tries in vain to convince her to divorce him, but she is prepared to make her big announcement to her parents, who are arriving imminently. So begins an hour of hilarity and tongue-twisting dialogue where Norrison sets about to transform this wholly unsuitable suitor into a perfectly well-bred, well-mannered, well-spoken and politically conservative son-in-law before time runs out.


• AN ACT OF GOD (Isteni végjáték)

a one-god show by David JAVERBAUM
Róbert ALFÖLDI as God
Tamás IVANICS as Gabriel
Máté KOVÁCS / Ádám VARGA as Michael

The Meeting was arranged by Róbert ALFÖLDI, Bence BRASCH, István UGRAI, Márton CSUKÁS & Barnabás CSUKÁS, Attila CZIBOR, Péter LAKATOS, Marcell REMETE, GERGŐ Bali V., Krisztián GERGYE, Enikő MERTL, Ágnes HALMA, László STUDNICZKY, Attila NYULASSY, Balázs ZSEDÉNYI, Andrea ZSOLNAY

The Almighty visits Budapest to share his thoughts on the events of the past ten thousand years, answer questions that have come up in the meantime and to unveil the next steps in the development of his project – Universe™.

• LA CAGE AUX FOLLES (Az Őrült Nők Ketrece)

a musical in two acts by Jerry HERMAN & Harvey FIERSTEIN
based on the play by Jean POIRET
starring András STOHL, Gábor HEVÉR, Máté KOVÁCS, László JÓZAN / Tibor FEHÉR, Balázs MIHÁLYFI, Nóra PARTI / Ildikó TORNYI / Eszter BÁNFALVI, Boglárka FODOR / Petra HARTAI, Zsuzsa HULLAN / Andrea SÖPTEI / Zsuzsanna CSANÓY, Tamás Ivanics / Zsigmond NYOMÁRKAY, THE BIRDIES and THE ORCHESTRA OF LA CAGE
directed by Róbert ALFÖLDI

La Cage aux Folles is a place where everyone can be what they are. Or what they want to be. But what if you cannot show what you truly are? Faith, hope, love, work, family, country, yesterday, today, tomorrow, me, you – and us together. 
Not suitable for children under 15.